Follies of ISM Pollies.

ISM exposed.


JNU student council has passed resolution relating to uniform civil code, article 370, India relation with USA and South Korea.DU student council has protested against new law introduced in parliament related to sexual violence.Oxford Union is in news in India for Shashi Tharoor speech on Why British need to pay reparation of India.

I wonder, what enables these students  to be strong enough to affect national political opinion. Answer may be lies in affiliation of these student unions to national level parties. This may be correct but more important thing is these student union council have much broader outlook.

Student’s elections are envisaged to prepare future leaders of India. These elections train and nurture them for future expeditions. Moreover these experiences and practices enrich them with necessary management and leadership skills to be used in their career assignments.

With these developments in my mind, when I think of my…

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