So this is the “about” section, where I am suppose tell you about me. Well there is not much to tell about me I am pretty boring guy except when it comes to programming and gaming, but I for sure know how cheer your mood from  :!  🙂  😮  :O

Coming back to the about part. This is Mohit R., a programmer, blogger and a CoD (yea in both sense) fan. About the education part – pursuing bachelor’s in Electronics And Communications (whaa..?) . Then about the skills part- lets see.. I said I held a penchant for programming so in the process I did cover a lot of ground but comparatively a little less depth. I know stuff like –

Language – Python (can do pretty much anything with it “slowly”) , C++(ehh),bash/shell(…)

Web Framework – Django,Jekyll,Markdown,Flask (a bit)

Database – mySQL, sqllite,mongoDB(a bit)

Team services – Git,VSTS,Agile development,Azure cloud services

Data Science- NLTK,skit-learn,matplotlib,pandas,theano,numpy, Hadoop (for big data)

GUI development – Pygame,Qt(have done some serious stuff), Adobe Photoshop(you’ll love my posters)

Computer Vision – openCV,simpleCV

Weird stuff –  CCNA, Metasploit, Kali,socket programming,GIS

Robotics – Raspberry-pi, Arduino, AVR(dare you look up the abv.), various modules etc.

OS- Linux,Linux and Linux?

Logical stuff – Algorithms, Data Structures, competitive programming (codechef rank ~ 940 something Lunchtime ~ 470)

As I said a programming enthusiast, can’t stick to one thing.

So that’s more or less about the “about” section.


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